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Press release - CG011(2017) / 27 March 2017
South-Mediterranean Partnership: the Congress will receive delegations from Morocco and Tunisia during the 32nd Session

Press release - CG010(2017) / 27 March 2017
Monitoring visit by the Congress to Italy

Press release - DC044(2017) / 24 March 2017
Council of Europe calls on Hungary to reconsider new law that risks exposing migrant children to sexual exploitation

Press release - CommDH008(2017) / 23 March 2017
Slovenia: More should be done to ensure that Roma, migrants and those in poverty are not left behind

Press release - DC042(2017) / 23 March 2017
Trafficking in human beings: Latvia should improve the identification, protection and compensation of victims

Press release - CG009(2017) / 23 March 2017
32nd Session of the Congress to focus on migration, citizen participation and local and regional democracy in Europe

Press release - DC041(2017) / 22 March 2017
SRSG identifies main challenges for migrant and refugee children in Europe

Press release - DC040(2017) / 22 March 2017
Rights of people with disabilities in Europe: a new strategy based on ability rather than disability

Press release - CG008(2017) / 21 March 2017
Georgia: "The territorial integrity of the State is a guarantee for the development of the regional dimension", says the President of the Congress of the Council of Europe

Press release - DC039(2017) / 21 March 2017
Cyprus Chairmanship Conference in Nicosia: 'Securing Democracy through Education'

Press release - DC038(2017) / 20 March 2017
Combatting human trafficking: Armenia has made good progress, but more effort needed to prevent the crime and help victims

Press release - DC036(2017) / 17 March 2017
Portugal should improve the identification and protection of child victims of trafficking in human beings, says Council of Europe's expert body

Press release - DC035(2017) / 16 March 2017
Malta urged to improve assistance of victims of human trafficking

Press release - DC034(2017) / 16 March 2017
Canada joins Eurimages, the Council of Europe's film co-production fund

Press release - DC033(2017) / 15 March 2017
Council of Europe's anti-corruption body calls on Switzerland to develop ethical rules applicable to federal members of parliament, judges and prosecutors

Press release - DC032(2017) / 14 March 2017
Committee of Ministers reviews the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

Press release - DC031(2017) / 14 March 2017
Europe's prison population falls, but there is no progress in tackling overcrowding, says annual Council of Europe survey

Press release - DC030(2017) / 10 March 2017
Venice Commission: Proposed constitutional amendments in Turkey would be a “dangerous step backwards” for democracy

Press release - DC028(2017) / 09 March 2017
Concerns raised over intolerance, discrimination and minority languages in the UK

Press release - CG007(2017) / 08 March 2017
Congress Current Affairs Committee meets in Venice