Resolution 82 (1999)1 on the local democracy in the republic of San Marino

The Congress,

bearing in mind the proposal of the Chamber of Local Authorities;

1. Having examined the report submitted by the Rapporteur Mr Manueco Alonso (Chamber of Local Authorities), on the state of local democracy in the Republic of San Marino;

2. Having taking note of the proposals contained in this report and Recommendation no. 63 (1999);


3. The working group on local democracy to monitor the implementation by the San Marino authorities of the proposals contained in the Recommendation;

4. The Chamber of Local Authorities:

- to keep a close track of progress with the reform programme;

- as far as possible, to respond positively to any requests from the San Marino authorities for assistance with the reform of local government in the Republic of San Marino.

Recommends that the Giunte di Castello of the Republic of San Marino:

1. Play an active part in the process of reforming local self-government in close consultation with their inhabitants;

2. Form an association as quickly as possible so as to arrange for the exchange of information, set up a forum for discussion and establish in-service training, a horizontal link between local authorities and sustained contacts with associations of local authorities in other European countries;

Recommends that associations of local authorities in other European countries:

Respond favourably to any request for aid, contact, assistance or partnership which may be made to them by the future association of Giunte di Castello of San Marino.

1 Debated and approved by the Chamber of Local Authorities on 15 June 1999 and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Congress on 17 June 1999 (see doc. CPL (6) 4, draft Resolution, presented by Mr Vallejo De Olejua on behalf of Mr Manueco Alonso, Rapporteur).



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