Resolution 51 (1997)1 on the state of local self-government and federalism in Russia

The Congress,

1. Having reference to the report of the Working Party on the State of Local Self-Government and Federalism in Russia and to the positive results of this Working Group’s activity in relation to the needs and the tasks of actively promoting, strengthening and developing local self-government and local democracy in Russia,

2. Taking into account Recommendation 30 (1997),

3. Instructs its Bureau to appoint a Rapporteur for continuing its monitoring of local self-government and federalism in Russia and subsequently, if required, to re-establish an ad-hoc working group on this matter,

4. Instructs its Bureau to arrange for the preparation of a study on conditions for the functioning of local democracy in small and isolated human settlements (hamlets) in member States where such a problem exists.

1 Debated by the Congress and adopted on 3 June 1997, 1st sitting (see Doc. CG (4) 4, draft Resolution presented by Mr A. Tchernoff, Rapporteur).


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