Resolution 109 (2001)1 on local and regional democracy in the Slovak Republic

The Congress,

1. Considering its Resolution 31 (1996) on guiding principles for the action of the Congress when preparing reports on local and regional democracy in member states and applicant states;

2. Recalling the results and, in particular, the conclusions of the colloquy on regionalisation in the Slovak Republic, which was held in Bratislava on 4 and 5 December 2000 with the co-operation of the Association of Slovak Towns and Municipalities (ZMOS) and the relevant government bodies;

3. Having conducted a visit to evaluate the current state of local and regional democracy in the Slovak Republic, on the basis of which a preliminary analysis was submitted to the Congress in the form of a report (CG (8) 5 Part II);

4. Welcoming the Slovak authorities’ efforts to make progress on territorial administrative reforms with a view to setting up new self-governing regional bodies;

5. Instructs the Chamber of Regions of the Congress to monitor closely the government’s preparation and the procedure of the parliament’s adoption of appropriate legislation on setting up regions, establishing their powers and budgetary resources and providing for the democratic election of regional authorities and their administrative organs and to formulate if necessary a new opinion.

1 Debated by the Congress and adopted on 30 May 2001, 2nd Sitting (see Doc. CG (8) 5, draft resolution presented by Mr A. Knape and Mr Doric, rapporteurs).


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