Resolution 147 (2002)1 on local and regional democracy in Spain

The Congress,

A. Having regard to:

1. Article 2.3 of Statutory Resolution (2001) 1 relating to the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe (hereafter the CLRAE or the Congress), adopted on 15 March 2000, whereby the Committee of Ministers asked the Congress to prepare on a regular basis country-by-country reports on the situation of local and regional democracy in all member states and in states having applied to join the Council of Europe and to ensure, in particular, that the principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government (hereafter the Charter) were effectively being implemented;

2. The report and the recommendation on local and regional democracy in Spain prepared by Mr Alan Lloyd (United Kingdom, L) and Mr Jan Olbrycht (Poland, R) following two official visits to Madrid, Leganés, Barcelona and Lleida in January and May 2002;

B. Welcoming the Spanish Government’s will to pursue political dialogue on the distribution of powers among national, regional and local authorities in Spain, inter alia through negotiations conducted in the context of the Pacto local, with a view to improving the legislative basis for, and conditions of, exercise of power at local level and wishing to make a constructive contribution to that debate;

C. Is most grateful to all the representatives of the Spanish delegation to the Congress, central government, in particular the State Secretary for Territorial Organisation, local and regional authorities, the Parliament of Catalonia and national and regional associations of local authorities and to the academics, the experts and the representatives of national political parties for having agreed to hold meetings with the rapporteurs during their visits to Spain, thereby showing their interest in the activities of the Congress, and for their kind and valuable assistance with the preparation of the report;

D. Instructs its Institutional Committee to monitor developments regarding local and regional democracy in Spain as part of the political dialogue between the Congress and member states concerning honouring of commitments in the fields of local and regional self-government and compliance with the principles of the Charter.

1 Debated and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Congress on 14 November 2002 (see Doc. CG (9) 22, draft resolution presented by MM. J. Olbrycht and A. Lloyd, rapporteurs).



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