Resolution 172 (2004)1 on the prevention of violence in sport, in particular at football matches: the role of local and regional authorities

The Congress,

1. Referring to its Resolution 27 (1996) on sport and local authorities and to the Lisbon Declaration adopted at the first conference on “the role of local and regional authorities in preventing violence at sports events, in particular football matches” ((Lisbon, 23-24 June 2003);

2. Bearing in mind the conclusions of the various workshops held at the Lisbon conference (CG/CULT (10) 6) and the work and recommendations of the Standing Committee of the Council of Europe Convention on Spectator Violence and Misbehaviour at Sports Events;

3. Invites local and regional authorities in Europe during the preparation and organisation of major sports events, (especially football matches) to take into account the positive experiences ("good practices") presented at the Lisbon Conference and in particular the following principles:

a. Concerning security and safety in and around stadiums:

i. take care of good stadium design and maintenance;

ii. contribute to the co-ordination between the different services and levels of authority involved (national, regional, local), with a view to proper preparation of sports events;

iii. take into account the role of the media in crisis prevention and management;

iv. take into account the violence prevention role of supervisory staff (stewards) inside stadiums, entailing proper training of these staff;

v. take care of well-conceived seat allocation in stadiums (separating fans of rival teams) through a good system for the sale and control of tickets;

b. With regard to welcoming and accompanying spectators:

i. take care of the appropriate supervision of spectators by:

- reception points ("fan embassies") for visiting fans in cities hosting matches;

- year-round socio-educational measures ("fan-coaching"). This coaching helps to keep misbehaviour in check and is also aimed at combating racism and xenophobia;

ii. learn the lessons of "good practices" in this field disseminated via the "Eurofan" European network;

c. Concerning participation of local inhabitants, conceive sports events as festive occasions, involving local people in socio-cultural events organised in host cities;

4. Invite the local and regional authorities to bear in mind Recommendation No. 1/2003 concerning the role of social and educational measures in the prevention of violence in sport of the Standing Committee of the Council of Europe Convention on Spectator Violence and the detailed handbook of good practices appended thereto;

5. Instructs its Culture and Education Committee to continue its work in this field, in particular with regard to policies for the prevention of violence in and around sports venues, inter alia by:

a. preparing and distributing a guide to good practices, at the local and regional levels, for the prevention of spectator violence at sports events;

b. regularly updating this guide.

1 Debated and adopted by the Congress on 26 May 2004, 2nd Sitting (see doc. CG (11) 11, draft resolution presented by B. J. Van Voorst tot Voorst, (Netherlands, R, EPP/CD) and H. Lund, (Denmark, L, SOC) rapporteurs).



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