Resolution 151(2003)1 on local and regional democracy in Azerbaijan

The Congress,

1. Recalling:

a. Article 2, paragraph 3 of the Committee of Ministers’ Statutory Resolution (2000) 1 on the CLRAE, which entrusts it with the preparation of country-by-country reports on the situation of local and regional democracy in all member states (monitoring reports);

b. Resolutions 31 (1996), 58 (1997) and 106 (2000) establishing guiding principles for the preparation of the above-mentioned reports;

2. Bearing in mind:

a. the report drawn up by its Bureau on the occasion of the accession of Azerbaijan to the Council of Europe2 and the letter sent by the President of the Congress to the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 2 October 2002;

b. Resolution 1305 (2002)3 of the Parliamentary Assembly on the honouring of obligations and commitments by Azerbaijan, drawn up as part of its own monitoring procedure, which explicitly refers to the CLRAE’s recommendations regarding the situation of local democracy in the country;

c. the Committee of Ministers’ recommendations to the Azerbaijani authorities, prepared through the intermediary of Monitoring Group GT-SUIVI.AGO, which also explicitly refer to the CLRAE’s recommendations regarding the situation of local democracy in the country;

3. Having examined the Institutional Committee’s report on the situation of local and regional democracy in Azerbaijan prepared by Mr A. Lloyd (United Kingdom, L) and Mr G. Grzelak (Poland, R), rapporteurs, together with Mr J.-C. Frecon (France, L), co-rapporteur;

4. Bearing in mind Recommendation 126 (2003), which it adopted on the basis of this report at its 10th Plenary Session;

5. In connection with the setting-up of a representative association of municipalities of Azerbaijan:4

a. is prepared to help organise,5 in the second half of 2003, in co-operation with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, a seminar to facilitate the setting-up of such an association;

b. following the setting-up of this association, wishes to support it in forging the appropriate links with other associations at European level;

6. In connection with the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region:

a. is prepared, at the request of the interested parties, to provide assistance to the Minsk Group, in collaboration with the Venice Commission and the other competent bodies of the Council of Europe, with a view to proposing legal solutions concerning the status of Nagorno-Karabakh;

b. instructs its Bureau to monitor the development of discussions on this matter so that, if necessary, such a contribution can in due course be made under the conditions described above;

7. More generally, instructs its Institutional Committee to:

a. monitor the development of local and regional democracy in the Republic of Azerbaijan;

b. examine in 2004, together with the Bureau, the possibility of preparing at short notice a second monitoring report on the country, following the attendance of the Minister of the Republic of Azerbaijan responsible for local affairs at the CLRAE’s autumn Institutional Session (Strasbourg, 25 November 2003).6

1 Debated and adopted by the Congress on 21 May 2003, 2nd Sitting, (see Document CG (10) 4, draft resolution, presented by Mr A. Lloyd, Mr G. Grzelak and Mr J.-C. Frecon, rapporteurs).

2 Document CG/Bur (6) 172 of 24 May 2000, rapporteurs Mr A. Lloyd (United Kingdom, L) and Mr G. Milcamps (Belgium, L).

3 Text adopted on 26 September 2002 at the 31st Sitting of the Parliamentary Assembly, on the basis of Document 9545 prepared by the Monitoring Committee, rapporteurs Mr Gross (Switzerland) and Mr Martínez Casañ (Spain).

4 See paragraph 8.2 of CLRAE Recommendation 126 (2003).

5 In conjunction with the Directorate of Co-operation for Local and Regional Democracy of the General Secretariat of the Council of Europe.

6 See paragraph 10.c of CLRAE Recommendation 126 (2003).



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