Press release - CG017(2012)

Congress visit to monitor local and regional democracy in Georgia

Strasbourg, 08.06.2012 - A Congress delegation led by Ian Micallef (Malta, Chamber of Local Authorities, EPP/DC) and Helena Pihlajasaari (Finland, Chamber of Regions SOC) is to carry out a monitoring mission from 11 to 13 June 2012 to assess the state of local and regional democracy in Georgia. This is the second general monitoring visit to the country since it ratified the European Charter of Local Self-Government in 2004.

The members of the delegation will visit the Autonomous Republic of Adjara where they will meet the Head of the Government and the Minister of Finance, as well as the Mayors of Batumi, Kobulete, Khelvcahuri and Shuakhevi. They will also have an exchange of views with the judges of the Constitutional Court of Georgia in Batumi.
The delegation will meet with the Georgian delegation to the Congress and the representatives of the National Association of Local Authorities. An exchange of views with the President and members of the national parliament and the Mayors of Tbilisi and Rustavi is also on the agenda.

A meeting with the Vice-Premier Minister and State Minister for Reintegration and the Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure is foreseen. The delegation will also visit the Chamber of Control of Georgia (Court of Auditors) and meet with the Ombudsman.

A draft recommendation will be submitted for approval to the Monitoring Committee1 in October 2012 and for adoption to the Congress March session in 2013.

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