P-PG/Med (2011) 42

MedNET work programme 2012

Adopted at the 11th MedNET meeting on 15.11 2011


1. Activities per country

1.1 Algeria :

      · 1. National Population survey : 1 national day: and 3 regional days to return results
      · 2. 1 seminar on information and awareness raising on synthetic drugs and chemical precursors of drugs open to participation of MedNET countries
      · 3. 1 training regional seminar for managers of NGOs in the field of information, communication and networking
      · 4. 1 seminar on combating drug trafficking in airports open to participation of MedNET countries.
      · 5. Preparation and publication of a booklet for the intermediary treatment centres in 2 languages (Arabic and French).

1.2 Egypt :

      · Meeting the Needs for Treatment and Treatment Centres in Egypt :follow-up of the project started in 2011 with needs assessment and proposal for amendments of the law

      · Proposal for social and Ministry of Health Service Adaptation to Gender Oriented Care of Substance dependent women : project over 2012 and 2013 within the framework of DADNET

1. 3 Jordan :

    · Setting up a vocational therapy unit.
    · Treatment Demand project
    · MedSPAD survey

1.4. Lebanon :

      · L’atelier du Je: creating agents of prevention

1.5 Morocco :

    · Training in care and treatment : diplomas in Casablanca and Rabat
    · Production of material for users, their families and the community
    · 2nd MedSPAD Survey
    · Support to the first year of functioning of the Monitoring/resource centre on drugs and drug addiction

1.6. Tunisia :

      · 1. Addictology diploma
      · 2. National consultation seminar on drug policy
      · Study visit

2. Regional activities linked to the creation of national monitoring/resource centres

      · Study visit to Cyprus linked to the setting up of national monitoring/resource centre .
      · Regional seminar on the use of drug research in policy in the Mediterranean Region
      Seminar linked to the creation of the national monitoring/resource centre in Morocco.

3. Support to activities by other networks

      · 3rd Francophone International Colloquy on “Treatment of opioid dependency” Geneva, 18-19 October 2012 : funding of participation costs of 6 participants from Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Egypt

4. Support to initiatives by MedNET

      · Project on education and training in addictology