Press release - DC010(2011)

European conference on Internet Governance in Belgrade

Belgrade, 25.05.2011 – The fourth European Dialogue on Internet Governance - EuroDIG 2011 - will take place on 30 and 31 May in Belgrade, following the editions in Strasbourg, Geneva and Madrid.

Over 400 participants from Europe are expected to participate in the meeting: the competent ministries of European countries, the Council of Europe, regulatory agencies, the European Internet Services Providers Associations, telecommunication carriers, Internet companies (Google, Microsoft), vendors (Cisco, Ericsson), registries of Internet addresses, media associations, academic institutions, non-governmental organisations and networks, as well as Internet communities (ISOC, ICANN).

Participants will discuss subjects such as the role the Internet is playing in democracy. Is it a tool or maybe a trap? Has access to the Internet become a fundamental right which authorities are obliged to provide to citizens? The discussion will also reflect on the recent political turmoils in Northern Africa and the Middle East.

The following topics will also be discussed during the conference:

    - How to establish a balance between the freedom of speech and the struggle against hate speech and racism?

    - How are social media transformed in accordance with flow and exchange of information?

    - How will the issue of the protection of personal data be treated according to new standards established by the European Union and the Council of Europe?

    - How to achieve cyber security and how to fight against cybercrime?

Participants from all over Europe will exchange their views on these issues during a series of plenary sessions and workshops, which will help them to prepare the European contributions for the Internet Governance Forum to be held from 27-30 September 2011 in Nairobi (Kenya).

The Prime Minister of the Serbian Government, Mirko Cvetković, the State Secretary for the Digital Agenda of Serbia, Jasna Matić, the Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, the Vice-Director of the Telecom Services Division of the Swiss Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM), Philip Metzger, and the Director of the DiploFoundation, Jovan Kurbalija, will participate in the opening together with other speakers.

Remote participation in the EuroDIG will also be possible through 12 hubs registered in Armenia, Bangladesh, Barbados, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia, France, Moldova, Spain, Sweden (2) and Ukraine. Hubs represent local meetings simultaneously taking place and provide local participants with the possibility of watching and interactively participating in the event over the Internet by sending comments and questions in real time. Hub organisers may conduct local debates and discuss EuroDIG topics from their local perspective.

In preparation for their contribution to EuroDIG, over 35 youth representatives from the “New Media Summer School” will be coming together in Belgrade from 27 to 29 May to discuss topics including ethics and corporate responsibility on the Internet, media literacy, e-participation, privacy, and the future of Internet.

The EuroDIG is hosted by the Republic of Serbia – Digital Agenda Administration. and is organised by the Council of Europe, the Swiss Federal Office of Communication (ОFCOM), DiploFoundation and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), with the support of a number of partners such as the Serbian National Register of Internet Domain Names (RNIDS), the Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL), Eunet and the research centre 'Petnica'.

The conference will be sponsored by Telenor, Huawei, Microsoft, Google, Switch, VeriSign, EUnet, ICANN, Ericsson, Affilias, RNIDS, USAID and IREX.

Additional information on the programme, workshops and registration, can be found at or

Оn EuroDIG

The European dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) is an open platform for discussion and exchange on public policy issues related to Internet Governance between interested parties from all over Europe, including the civil society, business sector, technical and academic communities, as well as European governments, institutions and organisations.

The objective of EuroDIG is to shape European perspective and responses to the challenges of Internet Governance, as well as to help European stakeholders exchange views and prepare the European contribution to the Internet Governance Forum organised by the United Nations.

Practical information for media:

The event will take place at building B of the Congress Sava Centre, Milentija Popovica 9 St, Belgrade.

A webcast of the plenary sessions will be available on,

Contacts for journalists and accreditation:

Dragana Pešić – Lević,, +381 62 252366

Jaime Rodríguez, Council of Europe, +33 (0) 689 99 50 42


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