Press release - DC007(2011)

Secretary General Jagland calls for important change to Russian legal system


Strasbourg, 20.05.2011 - In his speech to the First Petersburg International Legal Forum, Secretary General  Thorbjørn Jagland called for an important reform of the Russian legal system. “A large part of cases concerning Russia which are before the European Court of Human Rights are appeals to decisions taken by the regional courts of some 80 federal entities of the Russian Federation. In my view, a final national decision in a huge country like Russia should necessarily be delivered by a supreme national judicial instance at the federal level, be it a Supreme Court or the Constitutional Court”, said Jagland. In the discussion following the speech by Jagland, the President of the Constitutional Court of Russia, Valery Zorkin voiced his strong support for the proposal by the Secretary General. Concluding the debate, President of the Russian Federation, Dmitri Medvedev, declared “that serious consideration should be given to this proposal”.

On the occasion of the Forum, the Secretary General and President Medvedev also had a bilateral meeting.

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