Rule No. 1267 of 20 January 2007 prohibiting smoking inside all Council of Europe buildings

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe,

HAVING REGARD to Article 49 of the Staff Regulations;

CONSIDERING that the Council of Europe has a duty, in its workplaces, to protect the health of its staff members, any persons participating in the Organisation’s activities and its visitors against the risks associated with smoking;

HAVING CONSULTED the Staff Committee in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 3 of the Regulations on Staff Participation (Appendix I to the Staff Regulations);


Article 1 – Prohibition of smoking inside all Council of Europe buildings

Smoking is prohibited inside all Council of Europe buildings.

Article 2 – Entry into force

This rule supersedes the note to staff members of 25 July 1996 on combating smoking within the Council of Europe and will enter into force on 1 February 2007.

Strasbourg, 20 January 2007

The Secretary General