Press release – 315(2006)

Ian Micallef and Yavuz Mildon elected Presidents of the Chambers of the Congress of the Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 30.05.2006 - At today's plenary session, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe unanimously elected Ian Micallef (Malta, EPP/CD) President of the Chamber of Local Authorities, and Yavuz Mildon (EPP/CD) was re-elected President of the Chamber of Regions, a post he has held since 2004.

The chambers also elected their Vice-Presidents. President and Vice-Presidents constitute the Bureau of the Chambers

A graduate in economics from the University of Istanbul, Mr Mildon is a specialist in agri-food issues.

A member of Canakkale (Dardanelles) provincial council since 1994, he began his international career in 1995 when he joined the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities. He was elected Vice-President of the Chamber of Regions in 2000. He has held various posts in the Congress since 1995: member of the Standing Committee, and a rapporteur on several occasions, on, among other subjects, regional democracy in Moldova and Albania and regional ombudsmen. He also represents the Congress on the ENTO, as well as representing the association of Turkish municipalities in NALAS.

He has played an active part in numerous working groups: Ad hoc Working Group of Local and Regional Representatives of South-East Europe and groups dealing with culture, education and the media, social cohesion and economic development of the regions, and the local and regional information society.

Ian Micallef takes over from Halvdan Skard as President of the Chamber of Local Authorities.

A trained lawyer, he specialises in European law. He has been a municipal councillor for Gzira since 1994, and has also chaired the association of local councils of Malta since 1996. His international political career began in 1996, when he led the Maltese delegation to the Council of Europe Congress, and he has, since 2000, been an executive member of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. He has also, since May 2004, been Vice-President of the European Union’s Committee of the Regions and a member of the Venice Commission's Council for Democratic Elections. He was also elected Vice-President of the Congress of the Council of Europe in May 2004.

Mr Micallef has helped to organise several international conferences hosted by the Council of Europe and has been responsible for drawing up reports on local democracy issues for the Council of Europe.

The Congress also elected the Bureau of the two Chambers :

Bureau of the Chamber of Local Authorities:
Ian Micallef, Malta (EPP/CD) Pres

Dubravka SUICA (EPP/CD) Croatia
Anders KNAPE (EPP/CD), Sweden
Jean-Claude FRECON (SOC), France
Alan LLOYD (SOC), United Kingdom
Volodymyr UDOVYCHENKO (ILDG), Ukraine
Onno VAN VELDHUIZEN (ILDG), Netherlands
Emin YERITSYAN (EPP/CD), Armenia

Bureau of the Chamber of Regions:
Yavuz MILDON, (EPP/CD), Turkey

Günther KRUG (SOC), Germany
Suvi RIHTNIEMI (EPP/CD), Finland
Herwig VAN STAA (EPP/CD), Austria
Ludmila SFIRLOAGA (SOC), Romania
Anatoly SALTYKOV (SOC), Russian Federation
Hans-Ulrich STOCKLING (ILDG), Switzerland
Istvan BORBELY (EPP/CD), Hungary

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