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    CM/Bur/Del(2004)25 19 October 2004

    Meeting report
    Strasbourg, 15 October 2004


    The following items were discussed by the Bureau at its meeting on 15 October 2004.

    1. Procedure for the adoption of Decisions

    The Bureau held a discussion on the existing procedure for adopting draft decisions during meetings of the Ministers' Deputies and approved the summary below:

    1. In accordance with standing instructions, the Secretariat prepares, whenever possible, draft decisions for each item on the agenda of a meeting of the Ministers' Deputies. The draft decisions are appended to the Notes on the Agenda.

    2. When an item has been discussed, the draft decisions are approved, amended or replaced.

    3. In the event of amendment or replacement, the draft decisions are formally approved at the end of the meeting during the “adoption of decisions”. If no change is made to the draft decisions, they are considered adopted.

    4. At the end of the meeting, the Secretary to the Committee of Ministers lists orally those items for which there are no decisions and the items where decisions had been adopted as in the Notes on the Agenda. He then draws attention to the draft decisions which have been amended or those which have been redrafted with a view to their formal adoption.

    2. Other Business

    The Representative of Norway gave a summary account of the meeting of the Chairman of the Committee of Ministers with Mr Passy, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria and currently Chairman of the OSCE.

    The Bureau was also informed that the Chair of the Deputies would report to the next Deputies' meeting on further developments concerning the Resolution on the Council of Europe to be adopted at the UN General Assembly.

    * *


    1. State of preparation of the 900th (20 October 2004), 901st (in camera, 21 October 2004) and 902nd (3 November 2004) meetings of the Ministers' Deputies

    The Bureau took note of the state of preparation of the above meetings.

    With regard to the 900th meeting (20 October 2004), the Bureau noted that:

    - the following new items should be added:

    1.5 GT-REF.INST – Report by the Chair of GT-REF.INST on the meeting of 15 October 2004.

    H46-2 - 48321/99 Slivenko and others against Latvia, judgment of 09/10/2003 - Grand Chamber

    11.1 Budget Committee - Appointment of members and alternate members of the for the period 1 January 2005 – 31 December 2007

    With regard to the 902nd meeting (3 November 2004), the Bureau noted that the following new item should be added:

    4.1 Exchange of views with the Human Rights Commissioner

    2. Draft agendas of the 903rd (10 November 2004), 904th (17 November 2004), 907th (24 November 2004) and 905th (30 November – 2 December 2004) meetings of the Ministers' Deputies - items to be entrusted to Rapporteur Groups and Rapporteurs

    The draft agendas and relevant draft decisions for the above meetings of the Ministers' Deputies are to be found in the Notes on the Agenda No.900/1.2 for the present meeting (item 1.2 – “Preparations for forthcoming meetings”).



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