Committee of Ministers
Comité des Ministres

Strasbourg, 5 November 1997



(approved by the Ministers’ Deputies
at their 606th meeting (21-22 October 1997))

The Committee of Ministers

- in view of the increasing number of requests to use the Committee of Ministers Foyer for exhibitions;

- anxious to preserve the special character of the Foyer, which was not designed for holding exhibitions;

- wishing, nevertheless, to ensure that the Foyer can be used to highlight the wealth of Europe's cultural, historical and ethnographic heritage, which is the reflection of its diversity;

- duty-bound to treat equally all requests submitted;

- having taken note of Instruction No. 29 of the Secretary General on the use of Council of Europe premises for exhibitions;


1. The use of the Foyer of the Committee of Ministers meeting room (the Foyer) shall be subject to prior authorisation by the Committee of Ministers. Such authorisation may be made subject to conditions and restrictions.

2. Requests for use of the Foyer shall be submitted to the Committee of Ministers through the intermediary of the Secretary General by: i. a Permanent Representation on behalf of a member State; ii. more than one Permanent Representation acting jointly on behalf of several member States; iii. one or more European or international institutions having their headquarters, meeting place or place of work in Strasbourg or having working relations with the Council of Europe.

3. Requests for use of the Foyer must be accompanied by reasons and suitable documentation.

4.i. The Foyer may be used to hold exhibitions of a cultural, educational, historical or ethnographic nature designed to illustrate aspects of the life, traditions and civilisation of a European country (or countries), including in their relations with other parts of the world.

ii. Accomplishments, events or important facts of particular significance for one or more member States may also be the subject of an exhibition, providing their presentation contributes to better understanding among the peoples of Europe.

iii. The aim of the exhibition must be consistent with the purposes of the Council of Europe.

iv. The subject of the exhibition must be linked to the activities or priorities of the Council of Europe's work.

v. The exhibition shall not - either through its objective or through the treatment of the subject chosen - be critical of one or more member States or of one or more non-member States with which the Council of Europe has working relations.

vi. The exhibition shall not aim at publicity or be of a commercial character.

5. Any request shall be considered by the Bureau of the Ministers' Deputies, which shall make a recommendation to the Committee of Ministers in the light of the criteria mentioned above.

6. In general, requests to use the Foyer shall be submitted at least 12 months prior to the date contemplated for holding the exhibition. The Bureau shall whenever possible consider several requests at once, in order to establish a provisional timetable for the use of the Foyer during the following months.

7. A member State whose request to hold an exhibition has been granted shall normally refrain from submitting another request until two years have elapsed. This limit shall not apply in the case of another request submitted jointly with other States.

8. In making its recommendations, the Bureau shall bear in mind the desirability of ensuring a reasonable variety in the subjects treated, the geographical areas concerned and the types of exhibition planned.

9. The cost of each exhibition shall be borne by its organisers. The relevant provisions shall be set out in a utilisation contract to be concluded between the Secretary General and the organisers.

10. Those provisions of Instruction No. 29 which are not incompatible with these Regulations shall continue to apply to exhibitions in the Foyer.

11. Requests for use of the Foyer which are pending before the Committee of Ministers at the time of entry into force of these Regulations shall be examined in accordance with the latter.

12. These Regulations shall enter into force on 22 October 1997.