848th meeting – 10 July 2002

    Item 8.1

    Council of Europe and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) -
    Conclusions of the ad hoc consultation meeting

    of the Parties to the European Cultural Convention (Strasbourg, 30 April 2003)
    (CM/Del/Dec(2003)844/8.1 and 845/8.1, CM(2003)77, CM/Notes/844/8.1 Addendum 1 and 2)


    The Deputies

    1. agreed that, with regard to the designation of the two members of the Foundation Board of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to be appointed by the Council of Europe for the period 2003-2005,

    a) one of the seats be occupied by the Secretary General or his representative at the highest possible level;

    b) the other seat should be filled by a person at the highest possible level, elected by the Committee of Ministers (or, should an appropriate occasion arise in the future, by the Conference of European Ministers responsible for Sport) on the basis of candidatures submitted to the Secretary General by Sports Ministers from states party to the European Cultural Convention which fulfil the following criteria:

    - having paid its contribution to WADA for the years 2002 and 2003 and which have given a firm commitment to pay in 2004 and 2005;
    - not a member of the European Union;
    - being a party to the Anti-Doping Convention;

    c) the procedures and timetable for carrying out the election at b) above are as follows:

    - candidatures shall be submitted to the Secretary General by the end of September 2003;
    - the election shall take place before the end of October 2003;

    d) this election will be valid for the term of office of WADA Board members which comes to an end on 31 December 2005;

    e) if the elected person comes from a state which joins the European Union in the above-mentioned period, he or she shall resign and a new election will be held as soon as possible;

    f) the Chair of the Monitoring Group shall continue to sit on the WADA Foundation Board until a new member has been elected in accordance with the new procedure;

    g) before July 2005, they will establish the timetable for the election of the Board Members for the period 2006-2008;

    2. agreed to examine the other conclusions of the ad hoc consultation meeting at their 849th meeting
    (16 July 2003).



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