Relations with the Holy See - Participation in the Ministers' Deputies' subsidiary groups - Council of Europe. Committee of Ministers, Ministers' Deputies - Decision 632/1.6 (May 1998)

632nd meeting – 18-20 May 1998

Item 1.6

Participation in the Ministers’ Deputies’ subsidiary groups


The Deputies, bearing in mind the status enjoyed by the Holy See with the Council of Europe since 1970, enshrined in a decision taken by the Deputies at their 255th meeting (8-9 March 1976), as well as the request made by the Secretary of State of the Holy See on 24 March 1998 to attend meetings of the subsidiary groups of the Deputies, invited the Holy See to be represented by its permanent observer at such meetings, including those devoted to the planning and programming of the activities of the Council of Europe aiming at promoting human rights, establishing the rule of law and strengthening democratic institutions.


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