Committee of Ministers.- Follow up to the 106th Session (Strasbourg, 10-11 May 2000).- Council of Europe.- Committee of Ministers', Ministers' Deputies.- Décisions 710/1.5 (19 May 2000)

710th meeting - 18-19 May 2000

Item 1.5

Committee of Ministers
Follow up to the 106th Session
(Strasbourg, 10-11 May 2000)

(CM(2000)PV1prov., CM/Press(2000)1
CM(2000)65 final, CM/Inf(2000)29 revised, SG/Inf(2000)21)



The Deputies

1. referring to the discussions held by the Ministers on the item "Contribution of the Russian Federation to the Council of Europe and Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1456 concerning the situation in the Chechen Republic", and the position made public in the Communiqué of the 106th Session of the Committee of Ministers and the statement of the outgoing Chairman of the Committee of Ministers to the Standing Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly on 16 May 2000, decided to pursue consideration of these questions under the relevant items of the agenda of their regular meetings footnote 1 , also with a view to responding to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1456 at the June part-session;

2. took note of the report by the Secretary General on his exchange of letters with the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation under Article 52 of the European Convention on Human Rights (document SG/Inf(2000)21) and of the exchange of views held at the present meeting;

3. invited their Rapporteur Group GR-EDS to pursue, on the basis of the discussions held by the Ministers on "South-Eastern Europe - Council of Europe contribution to the South-Eastern Stability Pact" and the relevant paragraphs in the Communiqué of the 106th Session, consideration of the Council of Europe’s contribution to the implementation of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe and United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 on Kosovo;

4. agreed to maintain on their agenda the question of co-operation between the Council of Europe and Moldova in view of the forthcoming visit to Chisinau by the Chair of the Committee of Ministers;

5. invited their Rapporteur Group GR-AB to continue its monitoring of the implementation of the reform of Council of Europe structures;

6. referring to the proposals on institutional reforms contained in the priorities presented by the Italian Chair of the Committee of Ministers (document CM/Inf(2000)29 revised), decided to set up an ad hoc open-ended Working Party with a view to studying these proposals in depth, in relation with previous discussions, and reporting back.


1. Items 3.1 (Conflict in the Chechen Republic – Implementation by Russia of Parliamentary Assembly Recommendations 1444 (2000) and 1456 (2000)) and 4.3 (The contribution of the Council of Europe towards restoration of the rule of law, respect for human rights and democracy in Chechnya) of this meeting.



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