790th meeting – 26 March 2002

    Item 1.6 a

    Council of Europe Information policy –

    a. Report of the Rapporteur on Information Policy on the implementation of
    Resolution (2000) 2 on the Council of Europe’s information strategy
    (Resolution (2000) 2, RAP-INF(2002)17)


    The Deputies

    1. took note of the report of Ambassador Warin, Rapporteur on information policy, as it appears in document RAP-INF(2002)17;

    2. in this context:

    i. confirmed their decision of 20 December 2000 to make public all the explanatory reports at the same time as the Convention or recommendation they are referred to, except if an objection has been or is mentioned concerning this publication (in which case, the Committee of Ministers will decide according to the nature and motivation of this objection);

    ii. while confirming the public nature of the decisions of the Committee of Ministers and the confidential character of the Records of its meetings, decided that the “Chairman’s summings-up” drawn up within the framework of the CM meetings, will from now on, in principle, be classified “restricted”;

    3. decided to declassify Ambassador Warin’s report (document RAP-INF(2002)17) and invited their Chairman to forward it to the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly, of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe and of the European Court of Human Rights, and to the Commissioner for Human Rights;

    4. congratulated Ambassador Warin for the work done while in office and instructed their new Rapporteur on Information Policy, Ambassador Bjarnason, to continue to monitor the implementation of Resolution (2000)2, in co-operation with the Secretary General and the competent bodies of the Council of Europe.



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