1196th meeting – 2-3 April 2014

Item 11.1

Audit Committee –

Draft revised terms of reference
(CM(2014)19, CM(2014)19 corr3 and SG/Inf(2014)8)


The Deputies

1. adopted Resolution CM/Res(2014)3 on the terms of reference of the Oversight Advisory Committee, as it appears at Appendix 5 to the present volume of Decisions;

2. invited member States and the Secretary General to submit, by 15 May 2014 at 5 p.m., candidatures for nomination to the Oversight Advisory Committee, in accordance with Article 3 of the appendix to the resolution, for a three-year term of office beginning on 1 October 2014;

3. instructed their Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration (GR-PBA), to review the revised terms of reference in the light of an exchange of views with the External Auditor and the Oversight Advisory Committee in September 2014.


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