1147th meeting – 4 and 6 July 2012

Item 1.10

Working methods of the Committee of Ministers –

Documents distributed at the request of delegations
(GT-REF.INST(2012)CB3, DD(2011)791, DD(2012)248, DD(2012)287 and CM/Del/Dec(2012)1145/1.9)


The Deputies, with regard to documents distributed at the request of delegations, agreed as follows:

The Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers distributes documents for discussion in the meetings of the Committee of Ministers and its subsidiary groups.

A delegation may request the Secretariat to distribute a working document for an item on the agenda of the meetings of the Deputies or their subsidiary groups or for an item which will appear on the draft agenda.

A request for the distribution of such a document shall be accompanied by a covering letter of the Permanent Representative. This applies in all cases except for written texts of oral statements made during a meeting and draft amendments formulated during a debate.

The Secretariat will distribute the document with the following mention on each page of the document:

    “Documents distributed at the request of a Representative shall be under the sole responsibility of the said Representative, without prejudice to the legal or political position of the Committee of Ministers.”

If documents do not fall into the above category, delegations may make their own arrangements for their distribution.

Documents distributed by the Secretariat will be accessible in the electronic database of the Committee of Ministers.


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