1145th meeting – 13 June 2012

Item 11.1

Co-ordinating Committee on Remuneration (CCR) –

Remuneration adjustment method for staff of the co-ordinated organisations 2013-2016 –

211th CCR report and affordability clause


The Deputies

1. adopted the remuneration adjustment procedure, as set out in Annex I and its relevant Appendices of the 211th report of the Co-ordinated Committee on Remuneration (CCR) (document CM(2012)52);

2. agreed to insert, under Article 8: Affordability of the procedure, the following provisions:

    8.1 The Committee of Ministers reserves the sovereign right to take special measures concerning the implementation of the adjustment resulting from the application of this salary method, if specific budgetary and/or economic circumstances so warrant, in particular:

      to decide that the annual adjustment recommended by the CCR be awarded in part or not at all, and to decide also on the timing for the payment of any adjustment.

    8.2 The objective conditions which could define those specific budgetary and/or economic circumstances allowing for action under Article 8.1 to be taken include, but are not limited to, the withdrawal of, or default of payment by, one or more member countries of the Organisation, producing a significant reduction in its budget; or an unforeseen event entailing exceptional financial damage, among others, following an international economic crisis; or a prolonged incapacity to function for the Organisation; or where the financial impact of a CCR recommendation would cause a variation in the total staff expenditure of such magnitude that it would jeopardise the function or mission of the Organisation.

    8.3 The Committee of Ministers also reserves the right to determine whether, in the context of the annual adjustment, any other measures should be taken.

    8.4 Action under this article shall be taken in accordance with the applicable general legal principles.

3. agreed that this procedure shall replace the current procedure as from 1 January 2013;

4. noted that decision number 2 above, relating to Article 8: Affordability of the procedure, would be applicable as from the salary adjustment for 2013.



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