1143rd meeting – 16 May 2012

Item 2.3

Policy of the Council of Europe towards neighbouring regions –

Jordan: Co-operation priorities 2012-2014
(ODGProg/Inf(2012)2 rev)


The Deputies

1. endorsed the priorities for co-operation with Jordan, as set out in document ODGProg/Inf(2012)2 rev;

2. as regards the medium-term priorities, instructed the Secretariat to elaborate, in close co-operation with the country concerned and in co-ordination with other relevant actors, specific proposals for activities with a view to their implementation;

3. also instructed the Secretariat to present an overview of the existing financing and the outstanding financial needs and to pursue efforts to complement the available budget to ensure the full implementation of the activities foreseen, and invited member States to consider providing voluntary contributions for their financing;

4. invited their Rapporteur Group on External Relations (GR-EXT) to continue to follow this matter and to report in due course on progress made.


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