1116th meeting – 15 and 16 June 2011

Item 1.5b

Conferences of specialised ministers

b. Revision of the legal framework

(CM(2011)24 corr3)


The Deputies

1. adopted Resolution CM/Res(2011)7 on Council of Europe conferences of specialised ministers, as it appears at Appendix 4 to the present volume of Decisions;

2. agreed that this resolution would not apply for the organisation of conferences already scheduled at the time of this decision, as they appear in document CM/Inf(2011)19;

3. recalling CEMAT Resolution No. 3 and their own decision of 8 December 2010,1 invited the GR-C to resume examination of the invitation to organise the 16th and 17th sessions of the CEMAT in the light of the present Resolution CM/Res(2011)7 and report back.

1 Cf. CM(2010)124, Appendix 6 and CM/Del/Del(2010)1101/9.2 respectively.


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