1114th meeting – 25 May 2011

Item 1.5

121st Session of the Committee of Ministers (Istanbul, 10-11 May 2011) – Follow-up
(CM(2011)PV prov, CM(2011)PV add1, CM(2011)PV add2prov and CM/Inf(2011)21


The Deputies, on the basis of the decisions taken and the discussions held at the 121st Session of the Committee of Ministers,

On Council of Europe: a strategy for values in action – Activity report by the Secretary General

1. asked the Secretary General to prepare a report on the progress made in the reform process of the Organisation and on the follow-up given to decisions under this item for the 122nd Session of the Committee of Ministers (14 May 2012);

On the European Convention on Human Rights

2. invited the Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH), in the context of its ongoing activities on follow-up to the Interlaken Conference, to examine and give appropriate follow-up to the Declaration and Follow-up Plan adopted at the Izmir Conference in all their aspects, including the strategic perspective of the future of the Court;

3. recalled the mandate1 already given to the CDDH to elaborate specific proposals, with different options, for a filtering mechanism within the European Court of Human Rights and for a simplified amendment procedure for the Convention’s provisions on organisational issues;

4. invited the CDDH, in order to facilitate decisions by the Committee of Ministers, likewise to advise, setting out in each case the main practical arguments for and against:

    - on the issue of fees for applicants to the European Court of Human Rights, already being considered;

    - on any other possible new procedural rules or practices concerning access to the Court;

    - on a system allowing the highest national courts to request advisory opinions from the Court concerning the interpretation and application of the Convention, already being considered;

The outcome of the work of the CDDH on all these aspects should be submitted by 31 March 2012;

5. endorsed the structure for national reports to be submitted by member states to the Committee of Ministers on measures taken to implement the relevant parts of the Interlaken Declaration and invited all member states to submit these reports as soon as possible and no later than 31 December 2011;

6. resolved to take other necessary decisions in order to fully implement the Izmir Declaration and its Follow-up Plan;

7. instructed their Ad hoc Working Party in the follow-up process to the Interlaken Declaration
(GT-SUIVI.Interlaken) to steer the implementation of the Izmir Declaration and Follow-up Plan, ensuring that the deadlines set out in the Interlaken and Izmir Declarations are met, so as to report to the 122nd Ministerial Session (14 May 2012), on the basis of the proposals of the CDDH, as well as possible other proposals, on further measures to be taken and on amendments to the European Convention on Human Rights which may be required in order to secure the long-term effectiveness of the supervisory mechanism of the Convention;

8. invited their Working Party, in this context, to follow the implementation by the various stakeholders of the Interlaken process (States Parties to the Convention, European Court of Human Rights, Secretary General) of the measures falling within their respective competences;

On Living together in 21st century Europe – Report of the Group of Eminent Persons

9. agreed to hold an initial discussion on the report of the Group of Eminent Persons at their 1117th meeting (29 June 2011) and to come back to this discussion in September 2011;

10. noted that a series of events aiming to disseminate as widely as possible the report of the Group of Eminent Persons in the member states are planned;

On the Policy of the Council of Europe towards neighbouring regions

11. asked the Secretary General to keep them informed of progress in the dialogue with the neighbouring regions and, as appropriate, to present them with action plans for the implementation of this policy, with a view to their approval;

12. asked the Secretary General to prepare an initial review of this policy for the 122nd Ministerial Session;

On the Declaration by the outgoing and incoming chairs

13. reaffirmed their support to the Council of Europe political mission, inter alia, as it appears in the Declaration they prepared and which was made by the outgoing Chair and the incoming Chair of the Committee of Ministers;

14. expressed their commitment to the rapid conclusion of the negotiations on accession by the European Union to the European Convention on Human Rights and called on all Parties to conclude as soon as possible the work on the draft accession agreement;

On The transfer of the chairmanship in November 2011

15. took note that the transfer of the chairmanship between Ukraine and the United Kingdom will take place on 7 November 2011.

1 cf. CM/Del/Dec(2010)1079/1.6/appendix2.



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