1112th meeting – 19 April 2011

Item 1.6

Priorities for 2012-2013 and their budgetary implications
(CM(2011)48 rev, SG/Inf(2011)9 rev1, SG/Inf(2011)9 rev1add and CM/Del/Dec(2011)1106/1.6)


The Deputies

1. recalling their decision of 16 February 2011, supported the Secretary General’s proposals for Priorities for 2012-2013, as they appear in document CM(2011)48 rev, taking into account comments from delegations;

2. approved the new intergovernmental committee structure as presented in documents SG/Inf(2011)9 rev1 and SG/Inf(2011)9 rev1add, and agreed to carry out a progress review of this new structure on a regular basis, and for the first time by the end of March 2013;1

3. noted that detailed terms of reference of the steering and ad hoc committees and subordinate bodies would be adopted at the latest in the framework of the adoption of the Programme and Budget 2012-2013;

4. agreed to examine the budgetary implications contained in documents CM(2011)48 rev and SG/Inf(2011)9 rev1 in their Rapporteur Group on Programme, Budget and Administration (GR-PBA), in the light of comments from the Budget Committee;

5. agreed to resume consideration of this item at the latest at their 1117th meeting (29 June 2011), with a view to taking appropriate decisions.

1 To evaluate the new intergovernmental committee structure after one year of functioning.


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