1095th meeting – 13 October 2010

Item 1.4

Report of the Bureau
(CM/Bur/Del(2010)23 and CM/Bur/Del(2010)25)


The Deputies

1. invited the Ad hoc Working Party on Institutional Reforms (GT-REF.INST) to examine the proposals concerning elections conducted by the Committee of Ministers (document CM/Bur/Del(2010)25);

2. agreed that the mandate of the Thematic Co-ordinator on Information Policy (TC-INF) be extended to cover issues relating to information society and Internet governance until the end of 2011;

3. noted that the new tasks of the TC-INF would involve informing the Ministers’ Deputies and facilitating their decision making on matters within this thematic area, liaising with the relevant rapporteur groups (e.g. participation in the Rapporteur Group on Human Rights (GR-H) when an abridged report of the Steering Committee on the Media and New Communication Services (CDMC) covering issues relating to information society and Internet governance is considered) and interfacing with intergovernmental structures, in particular steering committees;

4. took note of the report of the meeting of the Bureau of 11 October 2010 (document CM/Bur/Del(2010)23) and approved the other recommendations contained therein.


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