1050th meeting – 11 March 2009

Item 11.1

Draft Resource Management and Mobilisation Strategy for the Council of Europe
(CM(2009)10 rev2)


The Deputies, having regard to Article 13 of the Financial Regulations,1 welcomed the general framework proposed for the resource management and mobilisation strategy for the Council of Europe as it appears in document CM(2009)10 final, and invited the Secretary General to proceed with its implementation.

Note 1 Article 13 of the Financial Regulations, currently reads as follows:
Note “Voluntary contributions, donations and legacies to the Organisation may be accepted by the Secretary General, who may also conclude contracts with third parties for the joint financing of activities. However, the Committee of Ministers will be informed by the Secretary General whenever the voluntary contribution, donation or legacy or joint financing arrangements has been made for a specific purpose, and in advance when it is conditional or when its use may involve the Organisation in financial outlay.
Note The amounts of any such benefaction shall be carried to a treasury suspense account pending a decision by the Committee of Ministers on the purpose for which it is to be used and on the relative procedure.
Note Voluntary contributions, donations and legacies accepted, and joint financing arrangements contracted by the Secretary General shall be allocated to the relevant budget article. Appropriations which have not been committed before the end of the financial period shall be automatically carried forward to the following financial years until the termination of the activity for which the amount was intended, at which point any remaining appropriation will be allocated in accordance with the instructions of the donor or by decision of the Committee of Ministers.”



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