President - Council of Europe’s Congress

    United Kingdom
    Independent and Liberal Democrat Group (ILDG)

      European profile

      On 26 October 2010 Keith Whitmore was elected President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe.

      Prior to his election, he was the Chairman of the Institutional Committee of the Congress.

      He has been a member of the Congress since 1996 and previously held the positions of Vice-President of the Congress and Chairman of its Sustainable Development Committee as well a being Head of the UK delegation to the Congress.

      He is also the Council of Europe Politicial Coordinator of the European Local Democracy Week (ELDW) and the Congress Representative on the Venice Commission.

    Furthermore, he is a member of the Policy Committee of the Council of European Municipalities & Regions (CEMR) and the Vice-Chairman of the CEMR Governance Committee as well as a former member of the EU Committte of the Regions.

      United Kingdom responsibilities

      Councillor Keith Whitmore has been an elected member of Manchester City Council for over 30 years having first been elected in May 1979.

      He is one of the UK leading councillors involved in European issues.

      During that time he served as leader of the Manchester Liberal Democrat Group of Councillors for nine years from 1988 to 1997. Previously he was also a member of the Greater Manchester Council until its abolition in 1985 and led the Liberal Party for five years on the Greater Manchester Council.

      He is Deputy Chairman of the Greater Manchester Integrated Transport Authority and is a Director of Greater Manchester Accessible Transport and the Manchester Museum of Transport, as well as chairing the Board for the Heaton Park Tramway.

      Personal details

      Keith Whitmore was born on 15 June 1955 in Manchester, United Kingdom and has lived in Manchester all his life and plays an active cultural role in civic life as well as being an elected politician, being a board member of the Royal Exchange Theatre, People's History Museum, Museum of Transport and Heaton Park Tramway.  He is a passionate steam railway enthusiast and strongly supports the heritage railway sector.



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