1011th meeting – 21 November 2007

Item 10.7

Wording of decisions taken in the framework of partial agreements
(GR-J(2007)2, GR-J(2007)CB8, DD(2007)507, DD(2007)573, DD(2007)574 and DD(2007)581)


The Deputies

1. took note of the report of the Chairman of their Rapporteur Group on Legal Co-operation (GR-J) concerning the wording of decisions taken in the framework of partial agreements, as reflected in the GR-J’s synopsis (GR-J(2007)CB8), and of document GR-J(2007)2 “The decision-making process in the context of partial agreements”;

2. agreed to continue to use the wording “the Committee of Ministers/the Deputies in its/their composition restricted to the representatives of the states members of [a partial agreement]” in their decisions relating to such agreements.


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