519bis meeting - 4 November 1994

Item 2.2







A. The Deputies

1.adopted the Report on the effects of the enlargement of the Council of Europe;

2. decided to forward the Report on the effects of the enlargement of the Council of Europe to the Ministers with a view to the 95th Session of the Committee of Ministers (10 November 1994), and to suggest they take the following decision concerning the application of Article 9 of the Statute:

"The Committee of Ministers agreed that, apart from exceptional circumstances having prevented a member State from fulfilling its obligation, Article 9 of the Council of Europe's Statute will be applied to any State which has failed to fulfil all or a substantial part of its financial obligation for a period of two years".

B. Regarding the constitution of the Ministers' Deputies' Bureau, the Deputies decided to modify the decision of March 1992 (472nd meeting, item 44) and consequently Article 6, paragraph 2 of the Rules of Procedure of the Ministers' Deputies by the following wording:

"2. The Deputy who will next succeed to the Chair shall be the first Vice-Chairman of the Deputies. The outgoing Chairman will become the second Vice-Chairman. If the Chairman is absent, the Chair shall be taken by the first Vice-Chairman or, in his absence, by the second Vice-Chairman, then by the next full member present, in the alphabetical order adopted for the signature of the Statute of the Council of Europe, then by the last Chairman but one."

C. Regarding the voting procedures,

1. the Deputies agreed upon a Gentleman's Agreement amongst themselves to the effect that no delegation should request the application of the rule of unanimity provided for under Article 20 (a) (i) of the Statute to block the adoption of recommendations to the governments of member States, if the majority foreseen in Article 20 (d) of the Statute has been attained;

2. the Deputies, noting that no binding decision on this subject exists in the Statute, agreed to adopt replies to the Parliamentary Assembly henceforth by the majority provided for in Article 20 (d) of the Statute, considering that every effort will be made to reach a consensus within a reasonable period of time;

3. the Deputies agreed to specify, at the beginning of the text of an answer of the Committee of Ministers to the Parliamentary Assembly, if a delegation should request it, that this answer was adopted by a majority as provided by Article 20 (d) of the Statute.



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