978th meeting – 25 October 2006

Item 11.10

Review of special accounts –
Procedure for the establishment of the new structure for special accounts

(GR-AB(2006)15 and CM/Del/Dec(2005)951/11.1)


The Deputies

1. authorised the opening of a special account per vote of the Ordinary Budget;

2. authorised the Secretariat to proceed with the transfer of funds from existing special accounts to the new special accounts to be created;

3. instructed the Secretariat to close all existing special accounts, apart from those specifically mentioned in document GR-AB(2006)15 as of 31 December 2006 at the latest;

4. authorised the Secretariat to restructure the special account in relation to Joint Programmes, in the most appropriate and efficient way to meet all relevant parties reporting and management requirements;

5. instructed the Secretary General to incorporate within the annual accounts, as from the financial year 2006, a statement of income and expenditure on all special accounts, in the same format as the budgetary management accounts for the budgets of the Organisation;

6. took note that a detailed summary of the balances transferred to the new structure would be provided to the Committee of Ministers, during the course of 2006;

7. decided there would be no fixed closing dates for these accounts.



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