Communication on the Activities of the Committee of Ministers
Statutory Report 2004


Article 19 of the Statute requires the Committee of Ministers to supply regular reports of its activities to the Assembly, together with appropriate documentation. These reports have come to be known as the "Statutory Reports". Since 2000, information is provided to the Parliamentary Assembly as follows:

- a written communication, prepared under the authority of the Chair on the occasion of each part-session, and in which the main developments that took place since the previous session are resumed, is published prior to his/her oral presentation;

- in his/her oral communication the Chair addresses in detail a few issues of major political importance, often linked to action taken very recently;

- an activity report, drawn up by the Secretariat of the Committee of Ministers, in co-operation with the other departments of the Council of Europe Secretariat, gives details of the implementation of the intergovernmental programme.

The activity report is available on the Committee of Ministers' public web site and is updated regularly. More focused information, which summarises the most topical issues dealt with by the Committee of Ministers, continues to be available in the written and oral communications presented by the Chair at each part session of the Parliamentary Assembly.

Written communication by the Chair of the Committee of Ministers to the Parliamentary Assembly  

Report by the Netherlands Chair, 28 January 2004


Second report by the Netherlands Chair, 28 April 2004  


Report by the Norwegian Chair, 22 June 2004 


Second report by the Norwegian Chair, 5 October 2004



Statutory Report


1. General 


2. Political developments


3. Parliamentary Assembly 


4. Human Rights


5. Media


6. Social Cohesion


7. Cultural Co-operation


8. Youth and Sport


9. Sustainable Development 


10. Legal 


11. Administration and Logistics 


12. Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe


Appendix 1 - Texts adopted by the Committee of Ministers


Appendix 2 - Action taken on texts adopted by the Parliamentary Assembly


Appendix 3 - Action taken on texts adopted by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities 


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