Dosta !-Congress Prize for Municipalities

    The “DOSTA!-Congress Prize for municipalities” was launched in 2007 by the Council of Europe Congress of Local and Regional Authorities and the Dosta! Campaign as part of their ongoing work to strengthen the role of local authorities in the field of Roma and minority rights’ protection. "Dosta" is a Romani word meaning "enough".

      What is it?

      This Prize distinguishes those municipalities engaged in the promotion of Roma political participation or in the fight against discrimination, and presents their work as example of good practices.

      Who can participate?

      All municipalities from the 47 Council of Europe member states.

      Criteria of the Prize:

      Improve the effective access of Roma to social rights (housing, employment, education, health);

      Promote intercultural and interethnic dialogue;

      Promote diversity in community life;

      Promote active democratic participation;

      Raise public awareness on Roma rights and culture and fight against the stereotypes and prejudices towards Roma (through the media, education system, institutions, and local authorities).

      Winners of the 2nd edition (2008)




    1st joint Prize

    Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Improvement of living standards of the Roma population in the city

    Prijedor (Republika Srpska - Bosnia and Herzegovina)

    Promoting the participation of minority groups in the local society – improving effective access of Roma to social rights (education, health care, housing)

    2nd Prize

    Volos (Greece)

    Expansion of the activities of a centre for the social integration and health protection of the Roma, in particular its mediation and counselling services.

    3rd Prize

    Lom (Bulgaria)

    Establishment of a“Craft Support Center” in Lom Municipality

      Winners of the 1st edition (2007)

      1st Prize - Vitez (Bosnia and Herzegovina),

      2nd Prize - Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

      3rd Prize - Novi Sad (Serbia)

      Members of the jury are distinguished personalities with longstanding experience in Roma policies, as well as Roma representatives.

      For the 2008 edition members were:

      · Yavuz Mildon, President of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities – joint president of the panel of judges

      · Henry Scicluna, Council of Europe Coordinator on Roma activities – joint president of the panel of judges

      · Rudko Kawczynski, President of the European Roma and Travellers’ Forum

      · Thomas Hammarberg, Human Rights Commissioner of the Council of Europe

      · Victoria Mohacsi, Roma MEP (member of the European Parliament)

      Award ceremony of the 2008 edition

      Date: Wednesday 4 March 2009 as from 12 pm

      Location: Hemicycle of the Council of Europe, Strasbourg (France)

      Description: Ian Micallef, President a.i. of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, and Henry Scicluna, Council of Europe Co-ordinator on Roma activities, will award the Dosta!-Congress Prize for municipalities, during an official ceremony.

      Mayor of Mostar Ljubo Beslic,

      Mayor of Prijedor Marko Pavic,

      Mayor of Volos Alekos Voulgaris

      Mayor of Lom Penka Penkova

      will be present to receive the prize.

      At the end of the award ceremony, artist Simona Jovic will perform a traditional Roma dance from the Balkans.

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