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Thematic co-ordinator TC-ID1

TC-ID(2008)CB2 add rev 3 March 20082
Meeting of 19 February 2008

Evaluation of the 2008 Council of Europe Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue – Criteria and modalities
I. Criteria


- objective in line with the Third Summit Declaration and Action Plan, and with Council of Europe priorities;
- contribution to the core objective of preserving and promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law.
Added value:

- added value and coherence of the results of the exercise with regard to the Council of Europe’s activities, in particular in the field of promoting intercultural dialogue, education for democratic citizenship and human rights and teaching religious and convictional facts;
- Council of Europe comparative advantage in relation to the work of other international organisations on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue, prevention of duplication.

- the extent to which the exercise meets the objective and the results expected by the Council of Europe (promoting and strengthening the fundamental values of the Council of Europe, fostering respect and mutual awareness as well as tolerance and mutual understanding – involving Exchange participants in this objective, for the benefit of European societies);
- extent to which the exercise meets the expectations of the Council of Europe partners targeted by the initiative, in particular representatives of religious communities, other beliefs and other sections of civil society (quality and development of the dialogue between the different groups of participants).
Impact and sustainability:
- medium and long-term effects of Exchange 2008

    • for the Council of Europe – lasting impact on the Council’s activities and on the visibility of its work in the field of intercultural dialogue;
    • for the other participants – guidelines and ideas to be implemented in their own particular spheres of activity.

- continuation of benefits after implementation has been completed.

* * *

Evaluation of the organisation of the Exchange:
- level and representativeness of the participants, composition and distribution.

II. Evidence gathering / Evaluation Material

Questionnaire given to all participants, at the start of the Exchange. Subsequent analysis of replies received either at the end of the Exchange or within an as yet unspecified period.

Analytical conclusion prepared and presented by an expert at the closing session. Brief political conclusion by the Chair.

Circulation – within a few days after the Exchange – of a factual synopsis of the debate, prepared under the responsibility of the chairmanship.

Preparation of a summary of the Exchange by an expert.

III. Evaluation method

Analysis of the questionnaire responses and other evaluation material against the criteria for evaluation.

In the light of this analysis, the evaluation of the 2008 Exchange and the discussion on possible follow-up to it will take place in May/June 2008, with a view to formal decisions by the Deputies at the beginning of July 2008.

Note 1 CM/Del/Dec(2007)998/1.7 – “Thematic Co-ordinator (TC-ID) to prepare, in close co-operation with the GR-C, the “Council of Europe annual exchanges on the religious dimension for intercultural dialogue” to take place in spring 2008 on an experimental basis.”
Note 2 This document has been classified restricted at the date of issue.



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