Rule No. 1294 of 7 May 2010 on managing alcohol-related risks on Council of Europe premises

The Secretary General of the Council of Europe,

HAVING REGARD to Article 49 of the Staff Regulations;

CONSIDERING that it is necessary to refine the rules on the consumption of alcohol on Council of Europe premises in order to guard against any alcohol-related risks;

HAVING CONSULTED the Staff Committee, in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 3, of the Regulations on Staff Participation (Appendix I to the Staff Regulations);

D E C I D E S:

Article 1 – General ban on the consumption of alcohol on Council of Europe premises by any Secretariat member

The consumption of alcohol by any Secretariat member1 shall be prohibited on Council of Europe premises, except in the circumstances provided for in Article 2 of this Rule.

Article 2 – Exception: consumption of alcohol at mealtimes and festive events

1. The consumption of alcohol by Secretariat members shall be allowed at mealtimes, in conjunction with a meal.

2. Secretariat members shall also be allowed to consume alcoholic beverages at festive events.

Article 3 – Permitted blood alcohol level

1. In any event, the maximum permitted blood alcohol level for Secretariat members during working hours and/or on leaving Council of Europe premises shall be 0.5 grams per litre of blood.

2. The blood alcohol level of Secretariat members engaged in activities where there might be a risk (see Appendix) shall always be zero during their working hours.

Article 4 – Ban on bringing alcoholic beverages on to Council of Europe premises and distributing them on the premises

No Secretariat member shall bring alcoholic drinks on to Council of Europe premises or distribute them on the premises except in the cases provided for in Article 2 of this Rule and in the context of the authorised distribution of tax-free goods by the Organisation.

Article 5 – Organisation of festive events

1. A Secretariat member who organises a festive event in accordance with Article 2 of this Rule shall ensure that the alcohol consumption of those attending is in keeping with this Rule.

2. A Secretariat member wishing to organise such a festive event must first obtain the authorisation of his/her closest superior on grade A4 or L5 or above.

3. During the event, it shall be compulsory to have soft drinks and snacks available for guests.

Article 6 – Dealing with chronic alcohol consumption

A hierarchical superior confronted with signs suggesting chronic alcohol consumption by a Secretariat member under his/her authority shall draw the latter's attention to his/her behaviour and report it to the medical service; the Organisation's doctor shall, if necessary, take the support and preventive measures set out in the relevant protocol.

Article 7 – Prevention and support protocol for dealing with chronic alcohol consumption

In accordance with Article 6 of this Rule, a protocol setting out measures to prevent drunkenness and provide support in such cases shall be adopted by the Director General of Administration and Logistics. It shall take the form of an office circular and serve as a guide to good practice.

Article 8 – Service contracts – administrative agreements

The provisions of Article 3 of this Rule shall also be observed by Council of Europe service providers and third parties to whom the Organisation has allocated premises; staff engaged in activities where there might be a risk shall be covered by Article 3, paragraph 2. Such an obligation shall be included in all service contracts and administrative agreements entered into by the Council of Europe.

Article 9 – Personal administrative file

Any document drawn up pursuant to the protocol provided for in Article 7 of this Rule which is forwarded to the Directorate of Human Resources of the Directorate General of Administration and Logistics in accordance with the provisions of that protocol shall be placed in the personal administrative file of the person concerned for a period of two years.

Article 10 – Entry into force

1. This Rule shall enter into force on the first day of the month following its signature by the Secretary General.

2. This Rule repeals the memorandum to Directors and Heads of Department dated 21 April 1988.

Strasbourg, 7 May 2010.

The Secretary General

Thorbjørn JAGLAND


List of activities where there might be a risk

Activities carried out by:

- Doctors and nurses

- Fire safety staff2 and the Head of the Safety and Security Section of the Real Estate Studies and Security Department of the DGAL Directorate of Logistics

- Drivers and fork-lift truck operators

- Electricians (high-voltage)

- Production staff (Standards and Samples Division) and laboratory staff (Laboratory Department) in the European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Health Care, DG III

1 The term designates staff members under Article 1 of the Staff Regulations, temporary staff members under the relevant Rules and seconded officials under Article 1a of the Regulations on secondment of international or national, regional or local officials to the Council of Europe. For the purposes of this Rule, trainees and study visitors shall be considered as Secretariat members.

2 Including police.



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