Resolution ResDip(2006)3
on the renewal of the European Diploma of Protected Areas awarded
to the Seitseminen National Park (Finland)

(Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 27 September 2006
at the 974th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies)

The Committee of Ministers, under the terms of Article 15.a of the Statute of the Council of Europe;

Having regard to Resolution (65) 6 on the European Diploma for certain protected landscapes, reserves and natural features, as amended by Resolution (98) 29 on the Regulations for the European Diploma of Protected Areas;

Having regard to Resolution (96) 29 awarding the European Diploma to the Seitseminen National Park;

Taking into consideration the expert’s report submitted to the Group of Specialists on the European Diploma of Protected Areas (PE-S-DE(2006)7) at its meeting on 23 and 24 January 2006;

Having regard to the proposals of the Committee for the Activities of the Council of Europe in the field of Biological and Landscape Diversity (CO-DBP),

Renews the European Diploma of Protected Areas to the Seitseminen National Park until 19 June 2011;

Attaches the following recommendations to the renewal:

1. The recommendations of the 2004 review of protected areas in Finland are noted. Metsähallitus is encouraged to implement these recommendations for the well-being of the Seitseminen National Park.

2. The restoration plans are an important component of the management of the Seitseminen National Park. It is recommended that:

– activities should be continued so as to achieve the objectives of the mires restoration plan within the next two to three years;
– management, on the basis of the forest restoration plan, should be continued and speeded up so as to bring the amount of forest restored back on target (which means restoring about 30 ha per annum); and
– together with the educational outreach of the national park staff, the Seitseminen National Park should be used to demonstrate methods of restoration of both forests and mires, both for Finnish and for international audiences.

3. Metsähallitus should proactively bring together the community of people with interests in biodiversity so as to foster knowledge transfer. Such knowledge transfer needs to include researchers, practitioners, educators and policy makers;

4. Recreational facilities both within the visitor centre and outdoors in the national park need to be reviewed periodically. Outdoors, trail maintenance is important so as not to damage the natural ecosystems and habitats, such as those at Multiharju. Indoors, in the visitor centre especially, the displays need to be changed or refreshed periodically. The educational work being done should act as a demonstration for other environmental educational activities elsewhere in Finland. Just as plans have been produced for mire and forest restoration, in order to assist with budgeting and scheduling, a recreational and educational activities plan for the national park could be prepared;

5. The contents of a revised master plan for the Seitseminen National Park should be discussed with all stakeholders and then a new plan prepared for acceptance by Metsähallitus.



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