Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats - Standing Committee

Recommendation No. 95 (2002) on the conservation of marine turtles in Kazanli beach (Turkey), adopted by the Standing Committee on 5 December 2002

The Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, acting under the terms of Article 14 of the Convention,

Having regard to the aims of the convention to conserve wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats;

Having regard to the following Recommendations of the Standing Committee:

– No. 7 (1987) on the protection of marine turtles and their habitat;

– No. 8 (1987) on the protection of marine turtles in Dalyan and other important areas in Turkey;

– No. 12 (1988) concerning the protection of important turtle nesting beaches in Turkey;

– No. 13 (1988) concerning measures for the protection of critical biotopes of endangered amphibians and reptiles;

– No. 24 (1991) on the protection of some beaches in Turkey of particular importance to marine turtles;

– No. 66 (1998) on the conservation status of some nesting beaches for marine turtles in Turkey;

Recalling that Article 3 of the convention provides that each Contracting Party shall take the necessary steps to promote national policies for the conservation of wild flora, wild fauna and natural habitats, with particular attention to endangered and vulnerable species, especially endemic ones, and endangered habitats;

Recalling that Article 4, paragraph 1, of the convention provides that each Contracting Party shall take appropriate and necessary legislative and administrative measures to ensure the conservation of the habitats of the wild flora and fauna species, especially those specified in the Appendices I and II, and the conservation of endangered natural habitats;

Referring to the on-the-spot appraisal report (document T-PVS/Files(2002)2);

Recognising the efforts of the Governement of Turkey to protect the nesting beaches for marine turtles, and noting in particular of substantial progress in Kazanli beach;

Acknowledging that, in spite of some positive steps, still the beach of Kazanli needs considerable improvement to assure the long-term conservation of its quality for marine turtles nesting,

Recommends that the Governement of Turkey:

    1. remove as a matter of urgency the row of greenhouses closest to the sea in beach section K3; remove, as soon as feasible, other greenhouses in beach section K3 through the appropriate legal and administrative procedures and restore that space to favour turtle nesting;

    2. move the taxi parking area away from the beach as a matter of urgency;

    3. periodically remove the plastic debris from the beach;

    4. screen the lights of the municipality of Kazanli and the Soda-Chrome factory so as to avoid photopollution on the beach;

    5. maintain monitoring of the chemical waste discharge into the sea by the chrome factory; establish a reliable and permanent monitoring of nesting activities in the beach and make an independent assessment of potential burden of the natural environment of Kazanli, with substances released by the soda-chrome factory; assess the potential risk of effluents of the soda-chromium factory to wildlife;

    6. set in place a monitoring of beach erosion, so as to take remedial measures as needed;

    7. promote public awareness on the presence and interest of marine turtle nesting in Kazanli, addressed in particular to local population;

    8. fully implement the existing environment plan and assure the necessary financial and human resources to this end;

    9. remove illegal building in beach section K1;

    10. remove as appropriate the hazardous waste accumulated over the years close to the beach as a result of industrial activities;

    11. consider the removal of the wedding hall of Kazanli from the beach, to be relocated elsewhere;

    12. apply appropriate treatment to sewage waters from Kazanli, so as to free the back of the beach from pollution;

    13. look for an appropriate solution to remove houses on the beach that were constructed legally;

    14. reduce the impact of agrochemical products in the area around Kazanli.



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