Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats - Standing Committee

Recommendation No. 62 (1997) on the conservation of regionally threatened birds in the Macaronesian and Mediterranean regions (Adopted by the Standing Committee on 5 December 1997)

The Standing Committee of the Convention on the conservation of European wildlife and natural habitats, acting under Article 14 of the Convention,

Having regard to the aims of the convention to conserve wild fauna and its natural habitats;

Having regard to Article 1, paragraph 2, of the Convention which states that particular emphasis is given to endangered and vulnerable species, including endangered and vulnerable migratory species;

Having regard to Article 3 which requires parties to pay particular attention to endemic species;

Noting that its Recommendation No. 48 on the conservation of globally threatened birds in Europe deals only with species which are threatened at world level;

Conscious of the need to promote also the conservation of birds which may be threatened at the regional level and taking into account the conservation needs of subspecies, varieties or forms at risk locally;

Aware that two biogeographical zones in Europe, the Mediterranean region and the Macaronesian region and particularly rich in species and subspecies and that bird conservation in these two regions is of particular relevance to the maintenance of European biodiversity;

Recommends that Portugal and Spain:

1. identify, if they have not already done so, Macaronesian endemic birds which are vulnerable, endangered or critically endangered;

2. consider drawing up and implementing action plans for the species identified in point 1;

3. consider, in the implementation of this recommendation, the following species or subspecies:

a. species in the 23 Action Plans mentioned in its Recommendation No. 48 (1996) which are present in Macaronesia;

b. the other following species – for Portugal: Columba palumbus azorica 3 , 6 *

– for Spain Calandrella rufescens rufescens 1,5

Pelagodroma marina hypoleuca 1,7 *

Burhinus oecdicnemus distinctus 2, 5 *

Cursorius cursor bannermani 2 , 4 *

Calandrella rufescens polatzeki 2, 5

Parus caeruleus degener 2,5

Petronia petronia maderensis 2, 7

Saxicola dacotiae dacotiae 3, 4 *

Dendrocopos major canariensis 3, 5 *

Tyto alba gracilirostris 3, 5

Puffinus assimilis baroli 3, 7 *

Recommends that relevant Contracting Parties, and invites Mediterranean observer states as appropriate,

4. Promote the drafting and implementation of Action Plans for Mediterranean most threatened species which are not globally threatened.


1 Endangered

2 Sensitive to habitat alteration

3 Vulnerable

4 Canarian endemic species

5 Canarian endemic subspecies

6 Azores endemic subspecies

7 Macaronesian endemic subspecies

* in Appendix I of the Habitats Directive