Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats - Standing Committee

Recommendation No. 12 (1988) of the standing committee concerning the protection of important turtle nesting beaches in Turkey (Adopted by the Standing Committee on 9 December 1988)

The Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, acting under the terms of Article 14 of the convention,

Having regard to the aims of the convention to conserve wild flora and fauna and their natural habitats;

Recalling that Article 3 provides that each Contracting Party shall take the necessary steps to promote national policies for the conservation of wild flora, wild fauna and natural habitats, with particular attention to endangered and vulnerable species, especially endemic ones, and endangered habitats;

Recalling that Article 4, paragraph 3, provides that the Contracting Parties undertake to give special attention to the protection of areas that are of importance for the migratory species specified in Appendices II and III and which are appropriately situated in relation to migration routes, as wintering, staging, feeding, breeding or moulting areas;

Considering that marine turtles nesting on Mediterranean beaches are seriously endangered, mainly as a result of degradation of their nesting areas through tourist development and other human activities;

Recognising the great importance of Dalyan as a nesting beach for Caretta caretta;

Recalling Recommendation N° 8 (1987) of the Standing Committee of 11 December 1987 calling for the protection of Dalyan;

Aware that a comprehensive survey of nesting beaches of Caretta caretta and Chelonia mydas along the Mediterranean coastline of Turkey was undertaken in 1988 by the Government of Turkey;

Applauding the decision of the Government of Turkey to designate Dalyan as a Special Protection Area,

Recommends that the Government of Turkey give appropriate protection to other important turtle nesting beaches identified by the 1988 survey.