Resolution 168 (2003)1 on regional democracy in Norway

The Congress, on a proposal from the Chamber of Regions,

1. Referring to:

a. Article 2, paragraph 3 of Statutory Resolution (2000) 1 of the Congress, which provides: “The Congress shall prepare on a regular basis country by country reports on the situation of local and regional democracy in all member states and in states which have applied to join the Council of Europe, and shall ensure, in particular, that the principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government are implemented”;

b. Resolutions 31 (1996), 58 (1997) et 106 (2000), which lay down guidelines on drawing up such reports;

2. Bearing in mind the report and recommendation on the situation of regional democracy in Norway, by Mr Roberto Ruocco (Italy, Chamber of Regions), rapporteur, after two official visits to Oslo, Trondheim and Lillehammer in January and June 2003,

3. Instructs the Bureau and Institutional Committee of the Chamber of Regions to:

a. keep developments in regional reform in Norway under close review;

b. hold hearings with the Norwegian authorities and the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities so as to assess progress in regional democracy in Norway;

c. in due course further consider regional self-government in Norway and, if appropriate, draw up a further opinion.

1 Debated and approved by the Chamber of Regions on 25 November 2003 and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Congress on 26 November 2003 (see Document CPR (10) 6, draft resolution presented by Mr R. Ruocco, rapporteur).



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