Resolution 142 (2002)1 on regional democracy in Hungary

The Congress, bearing in mind the proposal of the Chamber of Regions,

1. Referring to its Resolution 31 (1996) on guiding principles for the action of the Congress when preparing reports on local and regional democracy in member states and applicant states to the Council of Europe;

2. Having examined the current situation of regional democracy in Hungary on the basis of the report presented by Mr Jan Olbrycht (Poland, R);

3. Invite the Bureau and the Institutional Committee of the Chamber of Regions:

a. to follow closely the evolution of regionalisation in Hungary;

b. to grant their assistance to the Hungarian authorities, in order to allow them to benefit from the expertise of the Congress and the experiences of other European countries in the field of the regional democracy;

c. to take up again, at the appropriate moment, the examination of regional self-government in Hungary and, if necessary, to formulate a new opinion.

1 Debated and approved by the Chamber of Regions on 4 June 2002 and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Congress on 6 June 2002 (see Doc. CPR (9) 2, draft resolution presented by Mr J. Olbrycht, rapporteur).


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