Resolution 62 (1998)1 on the draft European landscape convention

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe,

1. Referring to Recommendation 40 on the draft European Landscape Convention;

2. Instructs its Bureau to keep the Working Group on the draft European Landscape Convention in existence, together with its consultants, and to give it the following terms of reference:

a. to represent the Congress on any intergovernmental committee(s) which the Committee of Ministers instructs to consider the draft convention and to participate in the negotiations to be held, notably on the definition of the convention's monitoring and implementation procedures, with a view to involving the Congress in this procedure;

b. to pursue preparation of a multimedia CD-ROM designed to computerise the principles contained in the draft convention appended to the recommendation referred to in paragraph 1 above;

c. to meet if the tasks set out in sub-paragraphs (a) and (b) above should make that necessary.

1 Debated by the Congress and adopted on 27 May 1998, second sitting (see doc. CG (5) 8, draft Resolution, presented by François PAOUR, on behalf of Pierre HITIER, Rapporteur)


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