Resolution 45 (1997)1 on the state of local and regional democracy in Albania

The Congress,

Considering the report presented by Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton;

In view of Recommendation 28 on the State of Local and Regional Democracy in Albania, adopted on 7 March 1997;

Asks the Bureau

1. to send a restricted group to Albania, in 1997, whose task would be to gather information on:

– the setting up of new municipalities and district assemblies,

– difficulties which might have been encountered in this context,

– the development of the National Association of the Mayors of Albania,

– on the new legislation on local and regional authorities and its implementation;

2. to ask this restricted group to report back to it on its mission;

3. to examine, based on the results of this mission, the appropriateness of drawing up, after the consolidation of municipalities and districts elected in 1996, a new report on the state of local and regional democracy in Albania, in order to assess progress made and to make proposals in favour of the reinforcement of local and regional democracy.

1 Discussed and adopted by the Standing Committee of the Congress on 7 March 1997 (see doc. CG (3) 15, draft Resolution presented by Baroness Farrington of Ribbleton, Rapporteur).


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