Recommendation 31 (1997)1 on the preliminary draft European landscape convention

The Congress,

1. Having noted the interim report presented by Mr Pierre HITIER (France) at the present Session;

2. Referring to the request made by the Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe in its Resolution 256 (1994) calling on the Congress to draw up, on the basis of the Charter on Mediterranean Landscape adopted in Seville, a framework convention on the management and protection of the natural and cultural landscape of Europe as a whole;

3. Referring to the Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats of 19 September 1979;

4. Referring to the Granada Convention for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage of Europe of 3 October 1985;

5. Referring to the European Convention on the Protection of the Archaeological Heritage (revised), Valletta, 16 January 1992;

6. Referring to the European Regional/Spatial Planning Charter, Torremolinos, 20 May 1983;

7. Referring to the following Recommendations of the Committee of Ministers:

- Recommendation (92) 8 on soil protection;

- Recommendation (94) 6 for a sustainable development and use of the countryside, with a particular focus on the safeguarding of wildlife and landscapes;

- Recommendation (95) 9 on the integrated conservation of cultural landscape areas as part of landscape policies;

8. Referring to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1091 (1988) on the European Campaign for the Countryside and a new management approach for rural areas;

9. Bearing in mind the European Urban Charter drawn up by the CLRAE as part of the follow-up to the European Campaign on Urban Renewal held by the Council of Europe between 1980 and 1982;

10. Bearing in mind the Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy, Sofia, 24-25 October 1995,

Calls on:

11. the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe to examine the Preliminary draft European Landscape Convention contained in Resolution 53 (1997) and formulate an opinion, if possible expressing its support, in time to enable the Congress to prepare a final draft and submit a recommendation to the Committee of Ministers at its 5th Session (1998);

12. the European Union's Committee of Regions to examine the Preliminary draft European Landscape Convention contained in Resolution 53 (1997) and formulate an opinion by the end of 1997, bearing in mind that it should be possible to implement the European Landscape Convention not only in the member states of the European Union but also well beyond this, throughout the large majority of the 40 member states of the Council of Europe. The Opinion could also state under what conditions the European Union might accede to the convention;

13. the UNESCO World Heritage Committee to continue to offer its support with a view to preparing the final draft and organising a consultative conference involving the European governments and international organisations concerned, which should be held before 15 April 1998 prior to the adoption of the final draft of the convention at its 5th Plenary Session.

1 Debated by the Congress and adopted on 4 June 1997, 2nd sitting (see document CG (4) 6, Draft Recommendation presented by Mr Pierre Hitier, Rapporteur)



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