Press release - 781(2010)

European prosecutors adopt the Yerevan declaration on juvenile justice

Strasbourg, 25.10.2010 - The purpose of the Yerevan declaration (Opinion No. 5) on the role of public prosecution in juvenile justice, which has just been adopted at the 5th plenary meeting of the Consultative Council of European Prosecutors (CCPE), is to establish guidelines for the action of all prosecutors involved in juvenile justice, within the framework of prosecutors' recognised powers and in accordance with the domestic legislation in force.

In cases involving juveniles, prosecutors should pay special attention to striking the appropriate balance between, on the one hand the interest of society and the goals of criminal justice, and on the other hand the special needs and vulnerability of juveniles.

Juveniles, whether offenders, victims or witnesses, deserve particular attention during both the investigation and the trial, where they need to be able to understand the conduct of the proceedings. The prosecutor must also carefully monitor the enforcement of court decisions relating to juveniles, particularly those placed in detention.

The opinion will be forwarded by the CCPE to all appropriate authorities and to the CCPE's partners with which it co-operated during the preliminary stages before work began on the text of the opinion. The CCPE will ensure that the guidelines are applied in Council of Europe member states.

Yerevan declaration on juvenile justice

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