Press release – 714(2006)

Drug abuse and trafficking in 2007-2010: Pompidou Group to tackle new challenges in ministerial conference

Strasbourg, 21.11.2006 – In a ministerial conference on 27-28 November, the Council of Europe’s Pompidou Group will introduce a new “six platform agenda” to fight drug abuse and counter illicit drug trafficking over the next four years, as the Netherlands passes the Presidency to an other country.

Ministers from 35 Pompidou Group member states are expected to attend the two-day Strasbourg conference (Hemicycle, Palais de l’Europe), which will feature recent developments and new ideas for each of the six platforms in the fight against drug abuse and trafficking: prevention, treatment, ethics, airports, research and criminal justice. The new working programme 2007-2010 to be adopted by the Ministers will focus among others on:

    · Using the Internet, SMS and other new technologies to improve current drug abuse prevention messages, which tend to be designed by adults and do not always reach the target audience
    · Examining the ethics of drug testing at schools and at the workplace
    · Improving the quality of data collected from research statistics
    · Focusing specific treatment services not just on heavily addicted drug users but also on more casual drug users aged 18-25
    · Reinforcing cooperation between law enforcement, health and social services in the criminal justice field

The Pompidou Group’s ministerial conference is organised once every three years by the country that holds the presidency. Expected speakers include Netherlands Health Minister Hans Hoogevorst (for the outgoing Dutch presidency) and Council of Europe Deputy Secretary General Maud de Boer-Buquicchio.

In its 35th year of operation, the Pompidou Group works to prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking in drugs. It provides a multidisciplinary Europe-wide forum, allowing policy-makers, professionals and researchers to discuss and exchange information and ideas on both drug abuse and trafficking.

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