Press release - 618(2009)


Russia joins the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport

Strasbourg, 13.08.2009 – The Russian Federation joined on 6 August the Council of Europe’s Partial Agreement on Sport (EPAS). As from that date Russia participates in EPAS activities as a full member, with a major contributor status. This member state of the Council of Europe thus affirms its stature as a great European sporting nation, and equally so in the domain of intergovernmental co-operation.

With a view to preparing the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (2014), Russia can now, within the framework of the EPAS, benefit from exchanges on sports policies, participate in the development of new standards and benefit from projects run in co-operation with partner sports organisations.

With this new membership, the Enlarged Partial Agreement on Sport of the Council of Europe counts 32 member States and has doubled its membership since its creation, in May 2007.

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