Press Release - 419(2007)

Teenagers from conflict zones talk peace and have fun at Europa-Park, brought together by the Council of Europe

Strasbourg, 15.06.2007 – Thirty-two young Serbians and Albanians from Kosovo and Arabs and Jews from Israel will join a peace camp in one of the world’s leading theme parks, Europa-Park in Rust, Germany on 1-7 July to learn skills of non-violent communication and confidence-building.

Organised as part of the European Youth Campaign “All Different – All Equal,” the programme at Europa-Park aims to teach its young participants the art of intercultural communication.

Campaign manager Michael Raphael said, “Respect for diversity and human rights and participation of youth in policy-making are the main aims of our campaign and the core values of the Council of Europe. This programme gives our participants a chance to tell their stories in a safe environment and to form friendships that may last for years. The fun and games at Europa-Park help them build the foundation of trust with one another and, in some way, to overcome the trauma of war.”

From Mitrovica and Pristina to Haifa and Jerusalem, the participants’ home towns have seen the devastation and destruction of war. The programme will equip the sixteen boys and sixteen girls aged 17-20 with skills to explore the narratives of their past and to understand the concepts of stereotypes and prejudice.

For the fourth year in a row, Europa-Park and the Council of Europe have joined forces to provide a unique teambuilding experience for young people from conflict zones, which includes interactive games, storytelling, and reconciliation activities. Participants also get a free pass to ride roller coasters and to enjoy all the fun that the park has to offer in the twelve European themed areas.

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