Press release - 205(2011)

PACE committee hearing puts spotlight on EU migration and asylum policy

Strasbourg, 11.03.2011 – The EU’s migration and asylum policy will come under the spotlight, in particular the human rights implications, at a hearing of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) in Brussels on Wednesday 16th March, entitled “Beyond Stockholm: implications for migrants and asylum seekers in Council of Europe member states”.

The hearing, organised by PACE’s Committee on Migration, Refugees and Population, will look at issues such as the repercussions for the EU’s Dublin system of a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights that returning asylum seekers to Greece is a violation of their rights because of detention and living conditions there (M.S.S. vs. Greece and Belgium).

Other issues to be discussed include whether all EU states should share some responsibility for handling migrants and asylum seekers entering countries on its borders, as well as the existing treatment of irregular migrants, unaccompanied minors and returnees.

In addition to parliamentarians from several European countries, participants include officials dealing with migration at the European Commission and the EU’s Hungarian Presidency, as well as the Chair of the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, which deals with migration and asylum issues.

A similar hearing a day earlier will look at the topic: “Undocumented migrant children in an irregular situation: a real cause for concern”.

Programme of the hearing (PDF)

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